March 24, 2006 at 6:24 am (Uncategorized)

Put Signature Files to Work for You

Using signature files to market your home business is a both extremely informative and inexpensive. Simply defined, a signature file is a little blurb at the end of your submission that contains information about you and your business. They are most popularly used at the end of emails and at the end of a post to a forum or newsgroup. (With the latter, however, you must always check the Terms and Conditions�some forums and newsgroups that are moderated frown on or prohibit self-promotion.)

It is suggested that six lines be the absolute limit when using signature files to market your home business. Six lines may not seem like enough to describe how wonderful you and your business are, but when used to their fullest potential, your point will be loud and clear. Keep in mind you want a combination of both business promotion and all important contact information. Find a way to include your name, title, business/company name, contact numbers (phone and/or fax), and/or the address of your website, as well as a advantage or two offered by your business/company and maybe even a catchy tagline. The following is a good example of a signature file:

LeeAnn Gilman
Owner, Gilman�s Dust Bunnies
�If you�ve got a mess, we clean the best!�
(555) 555-555

Remember, you do not have to spend too many lines promoting your business, just as you don�t have to include every contact number and address. Once potential customers or clients visit your company website they will have access to much more information about your business and several different ways to contact you or another employee.

If you are on a budget, using signature files to market your home business is an ideal tactic in promoting yourself. Stick one onto the end of every email and possibly every post and you will be well on your way to getting your company out there in the public�s eye!



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