Making Extra Money Online

July 8, 2006 at 12:45 pm (Uncategorized)

There’s a brand new way of making extra money online, and if you’re a talker and a surfer it should be a relatively easy and fun occupation. Companies – read advertisers – are starting to pay bloggers to casually talk about their products, disguising the marketing tactic as a casual conversation. Of course, there are plenty of bloggers out there that are getting paid for advertising on their blogs. This, however, is a brand new and very controversial way of making extra money online. The reason for the controversy is not the fact that blogs have ads now, but that bloggers would disguise their compensated endorsement as an unbiased opinion. This may not matter if John Smith down the street says he likes Coke, but what if Jeff Gordon touts the greatness of Pennzoil?

The fact of the matter, of course, is that Jeff Gordon is not likely to be trying to make extra money online this way.

Here is the essence of this payment for blogging arrangement. For this example we’ve looked at a site and company brand new today, and will take a look at how they explain this making extra money online process.

The first step for bloggers to start making extra money online is to get their tax id number. This is a home business and a blogger will get a 1099. Then, assuming her or his blog is already up and running she just needs to go to the business site and choose the opportunities he feels best suited for. Advertisers are listed here, that seek people to write about the firm’s site, its products and services. Each opportunity has its own list of requirements to get paid. One advertiser might require only that a link to its site be listed on the blog while another might ask for more extensive content be included or a picture.

The company that is offering the opportunity to make the extra money online will go to the blog, approve the content, link, photo or other requirement and then check back in 30 days to verify that it is still live. That is the one constant requirement for making extra money online with this firm – the blog and the advertiser’s requirements must remain live online for 30 days. Payment is then made to the bloggers PayPal account.


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